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Phyllis W Palm
Phyllis W. Palm, PhD
Phyllis Palm is at it again with a new book.  Another a very personal story, this time of one family’s triumphant journey.

The Key, the Turtle and the Bottle of Schnapps:

In honor of my parents and grandparents who survived the Holocaust


Come along on an adventure. The journey is frightening and often sad. A 4,000 mile flight from evil aggressors will lead the reader from Frankfurt, Germany in 1938 to Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1945. Ultimately, the family emerges triumphant, highlighting the resilience and the strength of ordinary people to overcome unimaginable challenges.

Put That Knife Away

Put That Knife Away

Lively description of a mid-life marriage; full with favorite pursuits, friends, family, music, theater, fine dining and foreign travel.  Until disaster hits.  Bob forgets, which could be normal aging, but his personality disintegrates, he becomes demanding, argumentative and paranoid.  The author fights with her own denial, struggles to find a diagnosis and modifies their lifestyle to cope with her husband's drastic outbursts until she fears for her own safety.

A poignantly told cross-country journey detailing the torment of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease and the effect of this degenerative medical condition on a loving marriage.

It is my fervent hope that this story will help other family caregivers with the impossible situation of caring for a loved one whose mood and skills decrease without regularity, whose needs change every ten minutes; and who while functioning to the best of their ability and with the last of their strength are constantly bombarded by well-intentioned advice from relatives, friends or physicians who phone or visit or examine our loved ones several times a year.

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